Lighting Controls

Beyond replacement of lighting fixtures and lamps to conserve energy and related costs, lighting control systems are often used to further minimize power consumption and extend lamp life. These systems can be as simple as a dimmer switch or as sophisticated as a human-centric lighting system that modifies light color and intensity to align with occupant biorhythms. Lighting controls also are implemented to meet certain building codes and comply with green building and energy conservation programs.

Lighting control systems include a variety of sensing devices such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, motion sensors, light fixture control modules and one or more master control centers. Designing lighting control systems often require establishment of lighting “zones” that include both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. User control options include panels, wireless controllers or a combination of both.

Apadana has deep experience with lighting controls and supports the industry’s leading control equipment. Most customers include some level of lighting control systems in their LED lighting retrofit projects.

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