Lighting Audits and Energy Utilization Analysis

Lighting retrofit projects seek to improve light delivery while lowering energy utilization and associated cost. The first step in the process is to conduct a lighting audit.

Apadana dispatches a skilled auditor to a customer facility to capture information related to room utilization, existing lighting, and lighting improvements desired by the customer.

While on-site, our auditors inspect the facility, room by room including reception, hallways, offices and warehouses; and the building exterior (including parking lots/garages) and captures information such as daylight access, existing installed fixture types and lamps (bulbs), bulb wattage, and fixture utilization (hours/day). The auditor also captures pictures of each fixture for future reference. From the captured information, the auditor then computes the lighting energy consumption in kWh per year and the associated cost base on the price per kWh.

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