Light Optimization, Layout, and Retrofit

Lighting retrofits typically involve evaluation of existing light fixtures and lamps and crossing them with energy efficient, cost-effective LED fixtures. While this approach delivers excellent energy consumption and cost reduction, it often does not consider other considerations such as room configuration.

Facilities are often reconfigured.

While the basic building footprint remains constant, desks are moved in offices; walls are erected which block natural light that was previously harvested from external windows; pallet racking is moved. In these situations, replacement of existing installed light fixtures may not achieve optimized utilization of the lighted space.

When customers are faced with these challenges, Apadana engineers consult with customers to determine current lighting needs across the facility, optimum placement of fixtures based on available light harvesting, room dimensions and characteristics, and required illumination based on work performed and occupancy. Once optimized, Apadana will develop a lighting retrofit plan that may include removal and replacement of existing fixtures and the addition of new fixtures required to achieve the customers’ specific requirement.

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