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Energy Solutions

Solar Energy
Solar Power

Often overlooked and undervalued is the roof of commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, buildings and even parking structures. Smart business owners are discovering this hidden asset and putting it to use generating valuable electric power!

Solar Panel Installation

Apadana, together with its affiliate Apadana Solar, works with building owners to plan, design, and install solar PV systems that transform an empty rooftop into a money maker. With typical ROI under 5 years for commercial solar systems, these building roofs generate money saving clean, renewable electric power for facility owners for 30+ years into the future.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Within four years, 5% of all car sales are projected to be electric — a 10x growth from today’s level. Building and parking facility owners are now receiving requests for on-site electric vehicle charging.

The decision to offer EV Charging is more complex than you might first think. While the benefits of offering a solution are obvious (increased employee or customer satisfaction, improved marketability of the property, and potentially a new revenue source) the lack of established industry standards for charging units, and compliance with electric codes suggest the need for expert consultation/support.

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